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Mr President and First Lady, your Cabinet Members, Members of the FSM Congress, Speaker, Vice Speaker, Floor leader, And distinguished Officials of our National Government:

Please allow me, on behalf of your humble State of Yap and your people, to WELCOME YOU, (our brothers and sisters), HOME, away from home.

As we all know, sometimes back in our distant past, our seafaring ancestors migrated independently on the same migration-wave to these islands we call home, refined their language, warded by other developed nations, yet determined to become the sovereign nation that we are today. So welcome home, away from home.

President Kennedy said it best in his inaugural speech in 1962, "United, there's little we cannot do, in a host of cooperative venture. Divided, there's LITTLE WE CAN DO.

Your humble State of Yap, strongly believes in such principle of unity, and continues to uphold such, despite HISTORICAL HICKUPS throughout the past 30 years, due perhaps, to our distant approximation from the National Government. Often times some things get delayed, ignored, violated, and/or completely shoved down our thoughts in violation of International law, such as that of the Nuremberg's Cade.

Mr. President, Geopolitics is a phenomenon that offers little security, and peace of mind, to especially your people of Y ap, and perhaps, our entire FSM Region, now with the "Homeland" security preparation underway per section 311 of our FSM Compact of Free Association with the United States.

(Please bear in mind that in the olden days, Yap's population was approximately 50 -Thousand, which got dropped down to only 2-Thousand during WWII, and since then it has only picked up to now approximately 14-Thousand!!! And since there's talk in the air about potential WWIII, I think, these are important factors to keep in mind as we continue working on, and with COFA-111).

Yap is proud and happy to receive you, Mr. President and First Lady, and your Delegation, for we have full faith in our working together in search for potential solutions that may, perhaps and hopefully, alleviate some of Yap's historical burdens as we plunge into the future in hopes for better lives for all our FSM citizens.

Thank you Mr. President, First Lady, ladies and gentlemen. Karisow, and

Kammagar ged,

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