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WELCOME to the Yap State Election Office 


As you may know, the 11th Yap State Legislature passed Yap State Law 11-27 which authorizes the Governor to submit to the voters of the State of Yap the question, " Shall the State Commence a Review of its Political Status? ". This law activated Executive Order 2023-02 and 2023-03 which created the "Executive Task Force" to plan, educate, and work with the Election Commissioner in executing a referendum schedule for May 31, 2024.  

Feel free to browse the page and download the necessary forms you'll need prior to the special election and please pay attention to the TIMETABLE as it gives you the deadlines for the following: vote by absentee, registrations, request to vote at another polling place, request to vote at a special polling place, and general state registry ready for public inspection. We are taking every step to help you perform your civic duties for your State, so please feel free to reach out to us, our door is open to you if you have questions or concerns that our election office needs to respond to.

Also make sure you check the registry at our office to ensure you are on the master list of such polling place you will be casting your vote at. This way you are confident that when you go to your polling place that you have your name on the master list.


Thank you and again feel free to let us know how we can be of service to you.

Respectfully Yours,

Christopher Buchuun

State Election Commissioner

Reach Out to the Election Office

If you would like to contact the election commissioner, please feel out the form below and hit send for him to reach out to you.

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Thank you for reaching out! We'll be in touch soon.

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