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2023 Yap Games

The Yap Sport Development Office would like to announce to the General Public

that our annual Yap Games are tentatively scheduled to begin on July 21st, 2023. Pre-

registration is now open until June 7th, 2023. Final registration will be from June 8th to July 5th


Registration forms will be sent out through emails to your municipal sports

representatives and/or team coaches or they can be picked up at the Yap Sport

Development Office.

Municipal Sports Representatives and/or team coaches are encouraged to complete these registration forms and submit them back to the Yap Sport Development Office by email or by dropping them off at the Yap Sport Development Office during normal working hours before or by the said deadlines.

Sports to be contested at this 2023 Yap Game are as follows:

1. Athletic (Track & Field) .

2. Basketball

3. Fast Pitch Softball

4. Paddling

5. Soccer

6. Swimming

7. Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

8. Tennis (Lawn Tennis)

9. Volleyball

a. Beach

b. Indoor

10. Weight Lifting

11. Wrestling

The Yap Sport Development Office is encouraging all coaches and athletes to start

preparing now. It is very important that our athletes are properly and well trained

in order to maximize their performances and minimize injuries.

Thank you very much and should anyone have any questions, please call the Yap

Sport Development Office at 350-5212 or email

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