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Governor Charles Chieng Initiates Executive Order No: 2023-02 to Form Task Force - Media 10/26/23

Colonia Yap, October 26, 2023 - In an effort towards fostering public awareness and political education on the political status question as outlined under Yap State Law 11-27, Governor Charles Chieng, signed Executive Order No: 2023-02.

Executive Order 2023-02 establishes a dedicated task force responsible for advising the Governor and executing its mandates in public awareness, public education, political education, and all forms of engagement with the voting population and various communities.

The newly formed task force comprises the Director’s of Education, Health Services, Public Works & Transportation, Youth and Civic Affairs, Resources & Development, Office of Administrative Services, Office of Planning and Budget, Office of Attorney General, and Yap State Election Commission. Each of these departments will contribute their unique expertise and resources to enhance public understanding and awareness.

The public's attention will be focused on the question, “Shall the State of Yap Commence a review of its political status”, as outlined in Yap State Law 11-27. This constitutes a significant responsibility for the task force, and, in accordance with the executive order, public education, awareness campaigns, and political education is scheduled to commence on November 1, 2023.

This executive order represents Governor Charles Chieng's commitment to ensuring that the citizens of our state have the information and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding their political future. The collaborative efforts of the task force will play a pivotal role in facilitating open dialogue, education, and awareness among the voting population and communities, ultimately strengthening the democratic process we have come to adopt and keeping Yap’s People First.

For further information please contact the Governor's Office at 350-2108.

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