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Kota Raja Delivers Vital Supplies to Yap State: 35 Containers from Across Asia Arrive Ahead of Departure to Hong KongFriday, May 24, 2024 // DYCA PIO 

Yap, FSM –  Having journeyed from Saipan, the cargo vessel, Kota Raja Voyage 228W, arrived in Yap State on May 22nd, 2024, to deliver 35 containers. The containers consisted of various materials sourced from different countries as follows:

2 containers from Bangkok containing sugar and canned tuna.

10 containers from Cebu containing cement.

9 containers from Guam containing frozen produce and general merchandise

3 containers from China containing tires, rebars, and drinking water.

3 containers from Manila containing general merchandise and assorted groceries.

2 containers from Malaysia containing drinking water and other beverages.

3 containers from Vietnam containing cement.

1 container from Singapore containing cigarettes and beer.

2 containers from Taiwan containing drinking water and hardware.

Kota Raja loaded 16 empty containers and departed Yap State the next day, May 23rd, 2024, to Hong Kong.

(For further details, please contact Micronesian Forwarders/CTSI at (691)350-3682 or DYCA at (691)350-2168. Thank you.)

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