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Task Force on Yap State Law 11-27 creates officers and committees.

Media Release // November 22, 2023

Colonia Yap - Governor Charles Chieng, on October 26, 2023, established a Task Force through Executive Order #2023-02. This task force is charged with advising the Governor, spearheading public awareness campaigns, fostering public and political education, and engaging with communities.

Its primary objective is to draw public attention to the crucial question outlined in Yap State Law 11-27: "Shall the State of Yap commence a review of its political status?"

As per the Executive Order, the task force is composed of the Directors of key departments, including Education, Health Services, Public Works & Transportation, Youth and Civic Affairs, Resources & Development, Office of Administrative Services, Office of Planning and Budget, Office of the Attorney General, and the Yap State Election Commissioner.

Following its formation, the task force elected Director Dominic Fanasog, of the Department of Education, as the Chairman, and Director Alex Gilfiley, the Director of Youth and Civic Affairs, as the Vice Chairman. The Treasurer role is assumed by Director En Kadnanged, from the Office of Planning and Budget, while Mrs. Southwick, the Director of Resources and Development, serves as the Secretary of this newly formed task force.

In the organizing of the task force, three committees were established. The Public Education Committee, headed by Director Alex Gilfiley, includes Directors Joseph Giliko, Maria Marfel, and Dominic Fanasog as members. The Election Committee, led by the Election Commissioner Christopher Buchun with Director Alex Gilfiley as a member, focuses on electoral aspects. Lastly, the Logistics Committee, led by Director Giltug Joe of the Department of Public Works and Transportation, features Directors Southwick and Kadnanged as committee members.

The task force is diligently executing its mandates outlined in Governor Chieng's Executive Order 2023-02. Further initiatives are in the pipeline as the task force prepares for engagement with communities and the voting public within and beyond the State of Yap.

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