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Yap Legislature Holds Key Oversight Hearing on Military Build-Up: Leaders Address Community Impact and Transparency Thursday, May 23, 2024 // DYCA PIO 

Colonia, Yap – On Tuesday, May 21st, 2024, the Committee of Government, Health, and Welfare(GHW) of the 11th Legislature of the State of Yap held an oversight hearing concerning the military build-up in the State of Yap at 11 am. Key attendees included the EBRC Chairman Lt. Governor Francis Itimai, Floor Leader Terrance Fong, Senator John Mafel, Senator Gabriel Ramoloilug, Senator Victor Bamog, Senator Ann-Marie Laamar, Senator John Masiwemai, Senator Liyon Sulog, and Chief Litigator Jesse Raglmar. Additionally, the Department of Youth and Civic Affairs(DYCA) consists of Director Alex Gilfiley, Historic Preservation Office Officer Jeffery Marbey, Youth Awareness Officer Ursula Luchuu, PIO Jovanna Nabetam, Department of Public Works & Transportation(DPW&T) Director Joe Giltug, Office of Planning & Budget(OPB) Chief of Planning Jonathon Fathal, and the Department of Health Services(DHS) Director Theophilus Thinnifel and Deputy Director Dominic Taruwemai. The oversight hearing was held to address concerns and provide updates on the military build-up in the State of Yap, ensuring transparency and responsibilities in government actions and assessing the impact on local communities.

(For further details, please contact YSL at (691)350-2400 or DYCA at (691)350-2168. Thank you.)

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