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In an effort towards fostering public awareness and political education on the political status question as outlined under Yap State Law 11-27, Governor Charles Chieng, signed Executive Order No: 2023 - 02, further amending it under Executive Order No: 2023-03.

Creating a task force responsible for advising the Governor and executing its mandates in public awareness, public education, political education, and all forms of engagement with the voting population and various communities.

Executive Order 2023 - 02

Executive Order 2023 - 03

Executive Order No. 2023-02.png
Amendment to EO No. 2023-02.png

YSL No. 11-27

Press Release on EO 2023 - 02

IMG_0833 (1)_edited.jpg
IMG_0833 (1)_edited.jpg

You may reach out to Director Gilfiley at the Department of Youth and Civic Affairs, if you have any questions. Kammagar. Tel: 691-350-2168

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