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Chieng - Itimai Executive Mission


Our mission is to promote effective governance, transparency, and inclusive development

in Yap.  Through collaboration and transparency, we strive to enhance infrastructure, spur economic growth, and safeguard Yap's interests.

We are committed to upholding the Constitution, driving reforms, ensuring accountability, and fostering a prosperous
future for all the people of Yap State.  The driving force of the Chieng-Itimai Administration, thanks to the 11th Yap State Legislature, is the administration's Cabinet.  


The Cabinet consists of the following members: Leelkan Southwick, Director of  Resources and Development; Joseph Giliko, Director of the Office of Administrative Services; Alex Gilfiley,  Director of the Department of Youth & Civic Affairs; Ivan E. Kadannged, Director of the Office of Planning  & Budget; Joe Giltug, Director of the Department of Public Works and Transportation; Dominic Fanasog,  Director of the Department of Education; Maria Marfel, Director of the Department of Health Services; and Paul J. Ayin, Chief of Staff.

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